Hmmm, you ask yourself how I can help the community and provide a better place for all; and you search the web for worthy service club and find Rotary International. However, after investigating a bit further into it, you find that membership into a Rotary club is by invitation only and there is a requirement to hold (or be retired from) a professional, proprietary, executive, managerial, or community position.
This is far from the truth for the Rotary Club of Forest Lake, as we have a dedicated Membership Director who is incredibly willing to assist and guide you in joining one of the best service clubs on this planet. I’m a bit biased on this subject, as I do enjoy my Rotary and making people smile; simple isn’t it.
Hot of the Press
18 Oct 2021 - Membership Night
An information night telling you all about Rotary, with nibbles to boot. Join us for a night packed with informative presentations, or simple join us for some mate-ship, not forgetting the nibbles. Registration can be found at:
About Membership
At club meetings across the globe, Rotarians come together to strengthen their connections to friends, neighbours, local and international Rotary Clubs, and community leaders and simply commit to improving lives. We unite and take action to create lasting change that benefits all, and in ourselves. There is nothing better that helping those in need; starting with a hot coffee and idea and building on that idea provides great self-satisfaction; and hopefully the coffee was a good one as well.
What to Expect
Becoming a Rotary member connects you with a diverse group of professionals who share your drive to give back. Through regular meetings and events, we:
  • Discuss community requirements and develop creative ways to meet them
  • Connect with other leaders who are changing the world
  • Expand your leadership and professional skills
  • Catch up with good friends and meet new ones
As a Rotarian, you will be asked to attend meetings and events and use your professional and organisational skills, connections and maybe cook a few sausages to make a difference
Benefits of Membership

As a large and diverse organisation, Rotary empowers us to help those in need. There are countless opportunities to make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves. Here are just few:
  • Friendship 
  • Giving back to the community 
  • Fun and entertainment
  • Business development 
  • Personal growth and development 
  • Continued learning 
  • Travel opportunities 
So you Want Join Now
Joining the Roary Club of Forest Lake is really simple, you do not need to wait to be invited, just contact any of the Club Executives or Directors listed on this website, and they will put you in contact with our Membership Director.