Days prior to Cyclone Debbie making landfall, the residents and businesses of North Queensland were preparing for the worst; and hoping that they would be safe. However, with all their preparations, Cyclone Debbie still cut a path of destruction as it moved along the coast of Queensland. A week after Cyclone Debbie dissipated, the flood waters are now inundating many towns in Queensland and Northern New South Wales; causing grief, hardship, property damage and the loss of memories. Emergency Services and the Defence Force are providing immediate assistance; however, many will still require assistance in the following months and years. It breaks my heart to hear that a few residents of Queensland have just recovered from the last floods and they have been hit again; and with no property insurance and with families to look after, they will need our help.
How can I help? I hear you say. The Cyclone Debbie Rotary Appeal RAWCS Northern Region Districts (RABS) website is now available online at:
With the devastation caused to southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales, in the aftermath of Debbie; which is also now being felt in New Zealand, a donation would help those in need.
Thank you in advance in supporting the RAWCS Northern Region Districts Cyclone Debbie Rotary Appeal.